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Excel 2002 VBA for Windows

Duration: 2 days
Level: VBA
Suitable for: Excel users with an Advanced knowledge or our Excel Advanced course
Platform: PC

Syllabus includes:

Getting Started

Introducing Visual Basic for Applications
Recording a macro
Running a macro
Editing a macro in the Visual Basic editor
Understanding the development environment
Using Visual Basic help
Closing the Visual Basic editor

Working with Procedures and Functions

Understanding modules
Creating a standard module
Understanding procedures
Creating a sub procedure
Calling procedures
Using the immediate window to call procedures
Creating a function procedure
Naming procedures
Working with the code editor

Understanding Objects

Understanding objects
Navigating the Excel object hierarchy
Understanding collections
Using the object browser
Working with properties
Using the with statement
Working with methods
Creating an event procedure

Using Expressions, Variables and Intrinsic Functions

Understanding expressions and statements
Declaring variables
Understanding data types
Working with variable scope
Using intrinsic functions
Understanding constants
Using intrinsic constants
Using message boxes
Using input boxes
Declaring and using object variables

Controlling Program Execution

Understanding control-of-flow structures
Working with boolean expressions
Using the if...end if decision structures
Using the select case...end select structure
Using the do...loop structure
Using the structure
Using the for structure
Guidelines for use of control-of-flow structures

Working with Forms and Controls

Understanding UserForms
Using the toolbox
Working with UserForm properties, events and methods
Understanding controls
Setting control properties in the properties window
Working with the label control
Working with the text box control
Working with the command button control
Working with the combo box control
Working with the frame control
Working with option button controls
Working with control appearance
Setting the tab order
Populating a control
Adding code to controls
Launching a form in code

Working with the PivotTable Object

Understanding PivotTables
Creating a PivotTable
Working with the PivotTable wizard method
Working with PivotFields
Assigning a procedure to a custom toolbar

Debugging Code

Understanding errors
Using debugging tools
Setting breakpoints
Stepping through code
Using break mode during run mode
Determining the value of expressions

Handling Errors

Understanding error handling
Understanding VBA's error trapping options
Trapping errors with the on error statement
Understanding the error object
Writing an error handling routine
Working with inline error handling

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