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Creating lookups

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Wed 15 Jun 2011, 13:30 replyReply Delegate Sarah said...

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Creating lookups

I am creating a database for recording customer orders for certain products. I have created a customer details table and a product details table. I am trying to create an orders table with a field in it called 'product' which contains a look up list which displays values from multiple fields in the product details table. However when I use the Lookup wizard to create this list and then use it, I can only see the first field value, not all.

For example: Customer wishes to order a chocolate sponge size 12 inch. Lookup list should display these by finding 'chocolate' from 'flavour' field, 'sponge' from 'type' and '12 inch' from 'size', however only 'chocolate' is visible.

How do I make the look up list to display the values together, ie 'chocolate, sponge, 12 inch' and how can I make it possible for the customer to select multiple choices in an order without making it a new record

Thanks (I am new to Access!)

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Fri 17 Jun 2011, 11:00 replyReply Trainer Stephen said...

RE: Creating lookups

Hi Sarah

Thanks for your question

In order to accomplish this you cannot use the wizard. You would have to use VBA and SQL to filter the form. This is covered on the Access VBA course, and is too involved to describe here.

As an alternative you could use the forms filter function to achieve your objectives. Siply click the filter button on the ribbon, and then enter the relevant values into the relevant fields

Hope this helps




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