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access vba courses - VBA Formula copying

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Wed 21 Nov 2007, 16:21 replyReply Delegate Rebecca said...

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VBA Formula copying

I am trying to copy formula in VBA along 8 coulmns and 10 rows from the activecell.

The activecell is created from the formula finalrow = Cells(65536, 1).End(xlUp).Row - 80 because I am continully adding lines onto the worksheet and finalcolumns = Cells(8, 255).End(xlToLeft).Column

Instead of copying each line of formula and each column of formula, I woul like to know if there is a quicker way of creating a range. I have tried Range ("finalcolumn:finalrow") but this isn't right.

Can you please help

Many thanks


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Fri 23 Nov 2007, 15:21 replyReply Trainer Carlos said...

RE: VBA Formula copying


Try using the following to line of code to select the required range:

Range(Cells(StartRowVal,StartColVal), Cells(EndRowVal,EndColVal)).Select

If you are going to be reffering to this range multiple times you could create a variable for it as shown below.

Dim MyRange as Range

Set MyRange = Range(Cells(StartRowVal,StartColVal), Cells(EndRowVal,EndColVal))

Hope this helps



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