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Hide data in Excel Worksheets

Let's say you have some data in cell 'C5' you would like to hide from the casual viewer.

Click cell 'C5' to select it.

Click the 'Format' menu, select 'Cells'. When the 'Format Cells' dialogue box opens, click the 'Numbers' tab (if necessary), then select 'Custom' from the 'Category' list.

Double-click the 'Type' entry box and type three semi-colons: ";;;"

Click 'OK' to close the dialogue box and accept the new formatting.

The data in cell 'C5' disappears. It's still there and will work in calculations, but it isn't visible.

If you need to check the data, just click the blank cell and the contents appear in the 'Formula bar'.

Added by Carlos on 26th September 2006

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