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Project Management Courses London

Project Management Course
ILM Endorsed

Project Management Foundation Course - also UK wide

1 day instructor-led. Courses never cancelled. From £295 (list price £445)

Part of optional ILM Endorsed Award Package.

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Who is this training course suitable for?

Our project management courses (London) are designed for delegates with basic/no knowledge of project management tools or techniques, and who are now looking to be involved in projects.

Typical backgrounds will include new project managers, project administrators or support staff, requiring the fundamentals of Project Management.


The project management courses (London) will benefit both you and your organisation, introducing you to important project management techniques, key terminology and current methodology. This 1 day workshop will also provide the ideal preparation for more advanced Project Management courses.

Course Syllabus

Fundamentals of Project Management
Identify the features and characteristics of a project
Identify the steps and variables of the project management process

Characteristics of a project
Internal/external environments, influence of stakeholders, functional, project and matrix project structures
Identify functions, skills, responsibilities of the project manager
Elements required to staff a project team, benefits of team building

Project initiation and scope planning
Process of selection and initiation. Components of a project charter
Understand the scope statement and statement of work, understand how scope documents prevent scope creep

Scope definition, verification, and change control
Process and benefits of scope definition and verification.
How to develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) and work packages
Identify information required to verify a project's scope, and determine the timing of the scope verification
Understand how and why to use a scope change control system
The importance of creating a project database

Time management
Identify the purpose of activity definition and sequencing
Identify techniques for estimating activity duration

Schedule development and control
Describe the schedule development process
List the different ways project schedules and be presented
Implement schedule control, level resources, and calculate schedule variances

Resource identification and cost approximating
Use WBS to assign the best resources to project activities
Understand how to assign resources and their types
Determine methods for estimating costs and use risk and activity duration to modify cost estimates

Budgeting and cost control
Describe how to use an S-curve chart
Understand when and how capital budgeting and depreciation methods are used
Identify methods of using cost and schedule variance to track performance

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Project Management     1 day course

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Standard Tue 3 Oct 2017 Limehouse 8 £389
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Standard Wed 3 Jan 2018 Limehouse 10 £475
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Standard Wed 4 Apr 2018 Limehouse 10 £359
Standard Fri 4 May 2018 Bloomsbury 10 £475
Standard Mon 4 Jun 2018 Limehouse 10 £359
Standard Wed 4 Jul 2018 Limehouse 10 £475
Standard Fri 3 Aug 2018 Bloomsbury 10 £359
Standard Mon 3 Sep 2018 Bloomsbury 10 £475
Standard Wed 3 Oct 2018 Limehouse 10 £359
Standard Fri 2 Nov 2018 Bloomsbury 10 £475

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