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Microsoft Windows 98 Training

Students will learn how to use the Windows 98 environment to create and manage documents and the benefits of working with personal computers and of using the Windows 98 operating system

Microsoft Windows 98 Introduction

Duration: 1 Day
Prerequisites: None, however knowledge of the computer keyboard would be an advantage
Platform: PC

Syllabus includes:

  • Elements of a window
  • The Windows desktop
  • The start menu and taskbar
  • Starting and shutting down Windows
  • Working with Windows applications - using Microsoft Word and Excel, running multiple applications simultaneously
  • Using the my computer window and Windows Explorer
  • Managing Files - examining properties, creating a folder, copying and moving files, renaming and deleting a folder or file
  • Modifying system settings - the control panel, date, time, screen display, mouse and keyboard settings
  • Creating graphics and displaying quick views
  • Creating and using shortcuts , on the desktop and in the Start menu
  • Browsing the world wide web, understanding the internet and world wide web, using internet Explorer
  • Using the Windows help system