Instructor-led training - Photoshop Introduction course


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Photoshop Introduction Training Course

Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Photoshop CS3
London and UK wide

2 day instructor-led. Versions CS4, CS3 and below.

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Who is this training course suitable for?

Our Photoshop Introduction course is suitable for those people looking to create professional graphics for print and web output.

It will suit those from various disciplines including web design, desktop publishing, multimedia design, digital video editing and others just wanting to understand an industry leading graphic manipulation package.


A working knowledge of computers, browsing the web, using IT applications (spreadsheets, presentations) and moving copying files.


This course will enable you to learn key tools available in Photoshop to manipulate images, effectively use colour, and prepare artwork for print and web. This course will prepare you for our Adobe Photoshop Advanced course.

Course Syllabus

Photoshop Interface
Exploring default Workspace & Bridge
Introduction to the Toolbar
Palette management & Screen real estate
History Palette & Undoing Actions
Navigation shortcuts

Working with Selections
Creating Selections using Magic Wand
Adjusting Selections
Quick Selection and Lasso tools
Combining Selection tools for complex objects
Saving and Reloading a Selection

Image enhancement
Using Levels and Curves
Compensate for flash with Shadow & Highlight
Variations to quickly decide about a colour cast
Hue & Saturation controls
Blurring and sharpening using Filters

Painting and Retouching Images
Digital darkroom techniques
Clone Stamp and Heal tools
Creating, saving and loading custom colours
Painting with Paintbrush, Pencil or Paint Bucket tool
Introduction to Gradients and painting with Gradients
Working with Quick Mask mode & Layer Masks

Working with Layers
Importing images, Layers and Selections
Transforming Layer Objects & using the Smart Objects
Starting to build layered compositions

Finalising artwork
Colour modes, Resolution and Image Size
Cropping an image vs Extending the Canvas
File formats & optimizing artwork for the Web

"What do I get on the day?"

  • Microsoft qualified trainers with industry relevant experience
  • Modern air conditioned training suite, flat screen PC's, 1 per delegate
  • Lunch provided in a comfortable and relaxed setting
  • Comprehensive course material and files to take away
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