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Moving diagrams into other applications

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Wed 6 Feb 2008, 15:30 replyReply Delegate Mike said...

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Moving diagrams into other applications

Having created an organisational chart in visio can this be copied into another application so it can be viewed by users who do not have Visio

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Wed 6 Feb 2008, 20:17 replyReply Trainer Amanda said...

RE: Moving diagrams into other applications

Hi Mike

Thank you for your question.

There are a few ways that users without Visio installed on their PCs can view Visio files.

Firstly, Visio viewer downloads are available from the Microsoft web site. If you go to and search for Visio viewer you will find a few different viewers, the appropriate one will depend on which version of Visio the files to be viewed are created in.

Also you can save a Visio file in different formats, including image file formats like jpeg. When you go to File - Save as, use the dropdown arrow by Save as type you will see that you can save the Visio file as an image.

To put the diagram into another program (e.g. Word) you could save the Visio file as a jpeg (as above) then insert the jpeg using Insert - Picture - From File in Word.
Otherwise use Ctrl + A to select the whole diagram, copy and paste it into the Word document.

I hope this helps.


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Visio tip:

Creating an organisation chart in Visio using Excel data

A quick and easy way to create an organisation chart by importing names and titles stored in list format in an Excel spreadsheet into Visio.

1. Select File, New, Organization Chart.

2. Start the Organization Chart Wizard.

3. At the first step of the wizard, select the 'Information that I enter using the wizard' option, and click Next.

4. At the second step of the wizard, select Excel, then type the name of the file.

5. Select Browse to choose the location you wish to save the file to, click Save, and then click Next.

6. Click OK - a Microsoft Office Excel workbook will open with column headings already entered for you.

7. Replace the sample text with the text you wish to appear in your organisation chart. By holding your cursor over each column heading, you should be able to view data entry tips.

8. Save the Excel file, then close Excel.

9. Proceed through the remaining steps in the wizard to create your organization chart from the data you entered into the Excel file.

Visio's organisation chart wizard will also recognise the following file formats (besides .xls):

- Microsoft Exchange Server Directory (Microsoft Exchange e-mail Address Book).

- Tab- or Comma-delimited text (.txt).

- Org Plus (.txt).

- Microsoft Office Access (.mdb) or any other file format for a database created in an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)-compliant database application.

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