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Calendar views / reporting printing

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Wed 29 Jul 2009, 14:22 replyReply Delegate Tory said...

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Calendar views / reporting printing

I posted this question last Thursday on the site but it hasnt been answered yet. was wondering how you print a report to show detailed times as opposed to dates ie showing all tasks for one person in a day in detailed itinerary format

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Thu 30 Jul 2009, 13:48 replyReply Trainer Andrew said...

RE: calendar views / reporting printing

Hi Tory

Thanks for your question - sorry you didn't get a reply last week. Here are some things you might do.

From the Tools menu choose options then select the View tab.
Set the date format to show either date plus time or time only by picking one of the formats that best suits your purpose.

The duration can be reformatted to show minutes by going to Tools > Macro > Macros then selecting the format_duration macro then choosing run. The Macro will ask the format you would like the durations displayed in - choose minutes or hours

Lastly you could then apply a filter to just show the tasks being carried out by a particular resource by going to Project > Filtered for > Using Resource

I hope this helps - sorry for the wait!

Kind regards,

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