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Create dynamic table of contents in Word 2007

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Thu 24 Jun 2010, 16:01 replyReply Delegate Claire said...

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Create dynamic table of contents in Word 2007

How do I create a dynamic (updates itself as pages change) table of contents in Word 2007?

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Mon 28 Jun 2010, 14:40 replyReply Trainer Nafeesa said...

RE: Create dynamic table of contents in Word 2007

Hi Claire

Thank you for your question regarding table of contents.

A table of contents (TOC) bases its creation on 'Heading Styles' applied to different parts of your document.

- The first thing you'll need to do is apply the relevant heading style to the titles you want to see appear in the TOC.

* A title with a heading style 1 applied will assume the main chapter heading in the TOC.

* A title with a heading style 2 applied will be a sub heading in the TOC.

* A title with a heading style 3 applied will be a third level sub heading in the TOC.

(heading styles can be found on the 'Home' tab in the Styles group towards the right of the Ribbon.)

- Once you have done this, place your insertion point (cursor) where you want the TOC to appear.

- Select the 'References' tab and click 'Table of Contents' (first button on the Ribbon.)

- You can choose one of the default styles from the drop down menu, alternatively select 'Insert Table of Contents' from the bottom fo the drop down menu.

- Customise the TOC to your preference, i.e. show page numbers, right align page numbers, tab leader, format, show levels (heading styles in document) and modify. Click OK.

The TOC should now be present and dynamic.

If a change is made in the document (edited text, added content, etc.) to reflect the changes in the TOC, right click the TOC and select 'Update Field'

Hovering over the titles with your mouse will also give you a link to the relevant part within the document by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on to the title.

I hope this helps and resolves your question. If it has, please mark this question as resolved.

If you require further assistance, please reply to this post.

Kind Regards,


Microsoft Office Specialist Trainer

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