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Create a way to load files from a collection of references

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Wed 14 Mar 2012, 16:22 replyReply Delegate Tushil said...

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Create a way to load files from a collection of references

I have a a form which collects a path, this is taken into a table and duplicated for each row but also in addition it concats a string which is hard coded with a counrer

so a user enters


the table with VBA then loops through all the folders in mydocuments and logs these with the hard coded string called "/source" + intcounter

so we get z:/mydocuments/source1, z:/mydocuments/source2 and so on, this works perfact and is fine.

The second part will pick up a file from each folder then run procedures to load the files from all the folders to the database via other routines. However this is fine when it happens to be the first folder by it doesnt do this for the second record in the log of all the folders. I feel in the loop something needs to be initialized before it can go back and run the sub routines on the second record and so forth.
Where am i going wrong?
there is a view loops which do this loadng and its this which i feel is not working correctly.

Can i send you the code to show this?

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Tue 20 Mar 2012, 16:34 replyReply Trainer Jacob said...

RE: Create a way to load files from a collection of references

Hi Tushil

Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

We can certainly have a look at your working code for you but it is worth clarifying that this sort of query takes us beyond the scope of the forum.

In these cases we look at your work and if we can identify a solution we will let you know scope, duration and associated costs.

If you would like to look into this further please do contact our enquiries team.

Kind regards



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