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Wed 24 Oct 2012, 11:22 replyReply Delegate Yvette said...

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If we have a set of in-house PowerPoint templates, can these be added to the ribbon under design themes so everyone in the office can see them?

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Thu 25 Oct 2012, 11:30 replyReply Trainer Rodney said...

RE: Powerpoint

Hello Yvette,

Hope you enjoyed your Microsoft PowerPoint intermediate/ advanced course with Best STL.

Thank you for your question regarding adding templates to the design ribbon.

It sounds like you have many templates, therefore, these should be placed somewhere on a shared drive that everyone has access to. Each person when opening a template file will then have to go to the Design ribbon, click the more button to open the gallery and click Save Current Theme.

This action will save the template on that computer only. This action will need to be repeated for each template that is to be used.

I hope this resolves your question. If it has, please mark this question as resolved.

If you require further assistance, please reply to this post. Or perhaps you have another Microsoft Office question?

Have a great day.

Microsoft Office Specialist Trainer

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Powerpoint tip:

Animating charts imported from Excel

Once you have imported an Excel chart into a Powerpoint slide, it is possible to apply animation to individual components (e.g. each bar) of the chart.

Click on the imported Excel chart, then go to Draw - Ungroup on the Drawing toolbar (usually located at the bottom of the screen).

A message will appear warning that ungrouping will change the chart into a different type of object - click Yes, then go to Draw - Ungroup again.

You should now see the chart has been broken up into all its individual components.

Right-click on a component that you wish to apply animation to; then select Custom animation and apply animation using the task pane on the right of the screen.

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