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How to create a drop down menu in access

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Wed 23 Apr 2008, 16:16 replyReply Delegate Farhad said...

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How to create a drop down menu in access

how to create a drop down menu in access? and how to link all the information once a drop down menu is created.

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Tue 6 May 2008, 16:46 replyReply Trainer Pete said...

RE: how to create a drop down menu in access

Hi Farhad,
Thank you for your post, I hope you enjoyed your course. In answer to your question; I am assuming that you mean a Combo Box control on your form; if so;
A combo box comprises a drop down list of items, yusually bound to an underlying field, from which one entry can be selected. The advantages of using a combo box are:
The list will only display existing values in that field
There is less danger of data being misspelt or inaccurate because it is chosen from a list
The combo box takes up less space on a form than a static list.
To create a combo box using a wizard:
1. Ensure that the Control Wizards button in the toolbox is depressed.
2. Click on the Combo Box button in the toolbox
3. Click on the form to add the combo box to it.
4. Follow the steps displayed by the wizard to create the combo box.
To create a combo box manually:
1. Ensure that the Control Wizards button is not depressed.
2. Click on the Combo Box button on the toolbar
3. Add the Combo box to the form.
4. Set the properties of the combo box as required - select the combo box and click on the Properties button, or right click on it and choose Properties
The five most important properties of a combo box are listed below:
Control Source: Defines the name of the field in the underlying table or query that will be updated by the combo box.
Row Source: Defines the table or query that supplies data used to create the list
Row Source Type: Defines the source type for the list. This can be Table/Query, Value List or Field List
Bound Column: Defines which of the columns used in the combo box returns its value to the Control Source.
At this stage, change to Form View and test that the combo box is working, If it will not let you select an item from the list, the most likely reason is that you have got the Row Source and Control Source properties reversed. I hope that has helped you, if so please click the Resolved link, Best Regards Pete Emmerson Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor


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