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Hiding Tasks in MS Project

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Mon 16 Mar 2009, 11:03 replyReply Delegate Amy said...

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Hiding Tasks in MS Project

I would like to hide several tasks within a project document. I have tried selecting 'hide task bar' within general information, however this only seems to hide the task bar within the gantt chart rather than the entire task (including task name etc.) There seems to be an option to hide sub tasks. How would I create a sub task? Can an existing task become a sub task or does the information have to be re-inputted?


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Mon 16 Mar 2009, 12:04 replyReply Trainer Stephen said...

RE: Hiding Tasks in MS Project

Hi Amy

Thank you for your question

One solution is to use a flag field. Simply insert a column into your Gannt chart by right clicking on the column head, choose insert column and select Flag1 from the field list.

Then set the value of the flag field to no for those that you don't want to see and apply the auto filter.(Click on the filter button on the main tool bar and select yes from the resulting auto filter on the flag1 column)

Hope this is useful




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Email a Task

When you need to communicate important information to your project staff use Microsoft Project 2003 to send them a note using outlook or an e-mail system.

1.In a task sheet, select the task or tasks which you want to send a project note.

2.On the File menu, point to Send To, and then select Mail Recipient (as Schedule Note).

3.Under Address message to, select the recipients of your note.

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