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Data in queries

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Tue 13 Oct 2009, 10:19 replyReply Delegate Rick said...

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Data in queries

When trying to produce a pivot table from a query, it is not displaying the correct information.

I have a main table that looks up a list of data from a separate table ( a list of our sites and premises). The list is very basic, only an ID coloumn and the site name. When I run a query, it displays the site name perfectly. When I put the query into pivot table view, it displays the site's ID rather than it's name. How do I stop this?

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Wed 14 Oct 2009, 16:22 replyReply Trainer Anthony said...

RE: Data in queries

Hi Rick, thanks for the query. Need a bit more information about this. Am I right in thinking you're generating a new table through a query to the sites & premises table, and then with that data creating a Pivot table? I think this might be where the problem lies. A two field table turned into a Pivot table doesn't yield a lot in the way of extra functionality!

Also, are you dragging the correct field onto the Pivot table. Have you tried adding extra fields/dummy data into your source table and generating a Pivot table from that? When you get that to work, just delete out the source data.

Hope this helps. Do get back if you need more assistance.


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