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Duration Changes to Decimal figures

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Thu 12 Mar 2009, 14:28 replyReply Delegate Mark said...

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Duration Changes to Decimal figures


I've started a new Project and adjusted the Work timings, after adding several tasks the duration figure is full days. However, when I have a task with 3 or more resources attached and then add a constraint on the task of Must Start On or Start No Earlier this changes the duration time to decimal places. ie) 2 days to 2.57. Is there anyway to stop this occuring?

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Sun 15 Mar 2009, 21:30 replyReply Jack (guest) said...

RE: Duration Changes to Decimal figures

If you want Durations to stay "in place" as best as they possibly can, then you should leverage "Fixed Duration" and "Not Effort Driven".

1. Change your default options so that any new tasks are set this way:
Click on >Tools, >Options, >Schedule Tab
Select "Fixed Duration" for the Default task type.
Uncheck the option New tasks are effort driven

2. Change these options for existing tasks
Insert the column Type. Change all to Fixed Duration.
Insert the column Effort Driven. Change all to No.

Now Durations should hold when you add resources or establish constraints. (use caution in these constraints. You are eliminating the dynamic scheduling capabilities of Microsoft Project).

Hope this helps!
J Black


Ms project tip:

Link tasks using predecessor column - project

a. First, note ID number of the task you want to link to (predecessor). Then, in the predecessor column of the task you want to link to (successor), type the predecessor task's ID number.
b. The link will be a Finish to Start (the default type).
c. Or you can add in a code for a different relationship type
i. SS = Start to Start
ii. FF = Finish to Finish
iii. SF = Start to Finish
d. You don't have to type the task ID numbers in any specific order, but you must separate multiple tasks with commas.

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