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Excel 2000 Advanced Training Course

Advanced Excel Training 2000

For newer versions (2007, 2010) see Excel Training

Advanced Excel Training 1 day instructor-led. Courses never cancelled. From £75 (list price £245)

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Who is this training course suitable for?

Our Microsoft Excel 2000 Advanced course is designed for those with experience of working regularily with Excel's spreadsheets and wish to understand and adopt the most complex functions and features.


You should be comfortable with working with Excel's spreadsheets and basic formulae and features or have attended our Excel Intermediate course.


At the end of this course, as well as consolidating your understanding of Excel's fundamentals, you will be able to perform the most complex calculations and functions, manipulate data using pivot tables and advanced analysis, record macros and integrate with other office applications. Your level of proficiency should enable you to confidently take up our VBA course for Excel.

Course Syllabus

Working with Advanced Formulas
Using names
Using decision-making functions
Creating nested functions
Using financial functions

Lookups and Data Tables
Working with lookup functions
Creating data tables

Advanced List Management
Creating subtotals
Validating cell entries
Exploring database functions

Working with PivotTables and PivotCharts
Working with PivotTables
Rearranging PivotTables
Formatting PivotTables
Working with PivotCharts Exporting and Importing

Exporting and importing text files
Querying external databases

Using Analytical Options
Working with Goal Seek and Solver
Working with scenarios
Working with views

Working with Macros
Running and recording a macro
Viewing VBA code
Function procedures

Interactive Web Pages
Creating interactive Web spreadsheets
Publishing PivotTables on the Web

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Excel Advanced     1 day course

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Version Date Location Places
Book Next place rate (£) List
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Pay by
2010 Wed 9 Sep 2015 Limehouse 3 Book now £239 £240£330
2010 Mon 14 Sep 2015 Limehouse 0 FULL    £330
2010 Mon 14 Sep 2015 Limehouse 8 Book now £238 £239£330
2010 Mon 21 Sep 2015 Limehouse 8 Book now £236 £237£330
2010 Fri 25 Sep 2015 Bloomsbury 7 Book now £236 £237£330
2010 Fri 9 Oct 2015 Limehouse 7 Book now £234 £235£330
2010 Tue 13 Oct 2015 Limehouse 10 Book now £235 £236£330
2010 Thu 22 Oct 2015 Bloomsbury 6 Book now £232 £233£330
2010 Wed 28 Oct 2015 Bloomsbury 9 Book now £231 £232£330
2010 Thu 5 Nov 2015 Limehouse 9 Book now £230 £231£330
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Bookings currently available until 14th December 2016.

"What do I get on the day?"

  • Microsoft qualified trainers with industry relevant experience
  • Modern air conditioned training suite, flat screen PC's, 1 per delegate
  • Lunch provided in a comfortable and relaxed setting
  • Comprehensive course material and files to take away
  • What do I get on the day? - More information

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a popular computer program that allows you to create and edit spreadsheets. These are used to store information in columns and rows that can then be organised and/or processed. Spreadsheets are designed to work well with numbers but often include text.

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