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Create own ribbon tab - Word 201015 Oct 2011
Display developer tab - Word 201015 Oct 2011
Quick Editing in Word10 Oct 2011
Quick Movements in Word10 Oct 2011
Double Spaced Text and others10 Oct 2011
Using the Quick Access Toolbar in Word 20106 Oct 2011
Change text immediately from upper case to lower case or vice versa in Word 201029 Sep 2011
Configure paste options in Word 201029 Sep 2011
Formatting paragraphs with a hanging indent in Word 201029 Sep 2011
Adjusting the font spacing in headings in Word 201029 Sep 2011
Comparing 2 documents at the same time in Word 201029 Sep 2011
Move or hide shapes in a Word 2010 document29 Sep 2011
Insert Screen Clips in Word 201029 Sep 2011
Turn off the red and green correction lines in Word 201029 Sep 2011
Make Your Text Stand Out in Word 201022 Sep 2011
How to stop automatic hyperlinks in Word 201022 Sep 2011
Useful Word 2010 Hotkeys22 Sep 2011
How to Adjust the Line Spacing in Word 201022 Sep 2011
Numbering your pages in Word 2010 - Starting with 1 on a different page22 Sep 2011
Create an Envelope in Word 201022 Sep 2011
How to Add a Drop Cap in Word 201021 Sep 2011
What are Section Breaks and How do we Insert them in Word 2010?21 Sep 2011
Zooming in and out Word 201016 Sep 2011
What use is the Status Bar in Word 201016 Sep 2011
How to Format Text in Word 201016 Sep 2011
Inserting Page Numbers in Word 201016 Sep 2011
What is the Ribbon used for in Word 201016 Sep 2011
Close a Document26 Feb 2007
Open Page Setup Quickly26 Feb 2007
Print Two pages on one horizontal sheet26 Feb 2007
Table Headers on Subsequent Pages26 Feb 2007
Some Obscure Keyboard Commands26 Feb 2007
Close All Documents26 Feb 2007
Inches to Centimenters and Back26 Feb 2007
Perfect Square or Circle26 Feb 2007
Move Toolbar buttons26 Feb 2007
Insert Page Breaks8 Jan 2007
Create Blank Lines in Lists8 Jan 2007
Remove 'Getting Started' Pane8 Jan 2007
Save Multiple Documents8 Jan 2007
Removing unused toolbar buttons in Word19 Dec 2006
Reset Word toolbars to default settings19 Dec 2006
Remove formatting quickly in Word19 Dec 2006
Shortcut keys to show non-printing characters19 Dec 2006
Print Word documents without opening them first19 Dec 2006
Using Styles to create a header or footer.28 Nov 2006
Changing default folder location for opening and saving26 Nov 2006
Using multi-level numbering in Word26 Nov 2006
Side by side comparison in Word26 Nov 2006
Get sorted - sorting text in Word26 Nov 2006
Now you see it, now you don't - hidden text in Word26 Nov 2006
Move your cursor quickly to its previous position26 Nov 2006
Shortcut for getting back into recently opened files26 Nov 2006
Create bullets or numbering without pressing a button!26 Nov 2006
Change measurement units in Word26 Nov 2006
Disable screen tips (yellow boxes) in Word26 Nov 2006
Make screen tips (yellow boxes) more useful26 Nov 2006
Turn Format Painter on once and use multiple times25 Nov 2006
Find out all Word's shortcut keys25 Nov 2006
Change paragraph position quickly24 Nov 2006
Use Paint Brush to do Multiple Formating in Word24 Nov 2006
Reduce file sizes for Word documents24 Nov 2006
Assign shortcut keys to styles24 Nov 2006
Using the Find feature outside the Find dialogue box24 Nov 2006
Making the first letter of a document bigger (drop caps)24 Nov 2006
Change the Print button so it brings up the Print dialogue box24 Nov 2006
Shortcut keys for creating tables24 Nov 2006
Creating perfectly symmetrical shapes24 Nov 2006
Printing specific sections of your document24 Nov 2006
Selecting objects from behind text24 Nov 2006
Edit Word documents in Print Preview23 Nov 2006
Change an AutoShape to another shape quickly23 Nov 2006
Import Web page text without its formatting23 Nov 2006
Remove document formatting quickly23 Nov 2006
Find out what formatting has been used quickly23 Nov 2006
Hyperlink to a specific part of a Document23 Nov 2006
Change the default font in Word23 Nov 2006
Keeping words together in the same line23 Nov 2006
Copyrights and trademarks23 Nov 2006
Save all open Word documents at once23 Nov 2006
Making Word file sizes smaller23 Nov 2006
Realign text quickly14 Nov 2006
View your document in two different ways simultaneously14 Nov 2006
Quickly shift a row in a table14 Nov 2006
Autonumbering in Word13 Nov 2006
Changing case13 Nov 2006
Using the Ctrl key13 Nov 2006
Move your cursor quickly to your last editing position13 Nov 2006
Changing line spacing in Word13 Nov 2006
Type Out a Table13 Nov 2006
Changing Case quickly25 Oct 2006
Large Icons on toolbar25 Oct 2006
Turning on Track changes quickly25 Oct 2006
Reviewing pane for track changes quickly25 Oct 2006
Options for Track Changes quickly25 Oct 2006
Showing all menu items25 Oct 2006
Using the status bar in Word24 Oct 2006
Controlling the appearance of the Styles task pane24 Oct 2006
Displaying tables in columns24 Oct 2006
Change bullets and numbering quickly24 Oct 2006
Align Shapes in Your Word Document Using Gridlines24 Oct 2006
How to add the Euro sign 24 Oct 2006
Changing text to subscript24 Oct 2006
changing characters to superscript24 Oct 2006
Autoformat24 Oct 2006
Autosummarise24 Oct 2006
Create random text23 Oct 2006
Edit text in Print Preview23 Oct 2006
Changing the ruler settings23 Oct 2006
Undo Autoformt Features19 Oct 2006
Multiple Cut and Pastes in MS Word19 Oct 2006
Turning off the Drawing Canvas6 Oct 2006
Easily manipulate inserted images6 Oct 2006
Creating autotext entries quickly5 Oct 2006
Coverting text into tables Quickly5 Oct 2006
Using Autocorrect for tables5 Oct 2006
Drawing a Line on a document 25 Oct 2006
Changing text case quickly5 Oct 2006
adding text quickly for quick exercises5 Oct 2006
Fields - Switching between result and field codeing5 Oct 2006
adding date quickly5 Oct 2006
Refreshing your Autotext Entries5 Oct 2006
Closing all your documents Quickly5 Oct 2006
Change heading styles 1-3 using shortcuts5 Oct 2006
Change line spacing using shortcuts5 Oct 2006
Remove text formatting5 Oct 2006
Working with Tabs and Tables5 Oct 2006
Double underline text5 Oct 2006
Increasing and Decreasing font size 1 point at a time5 Oct 2006
inserting a blank row above a table at the top of a page5 Oct 2006
Remove paragraph formatting5 Oct 2006
Moving shapes where you want4 Oct 2006
Paste a web address into the hyperlink address field4 Oct 2006
Remove formatting3 Oct 2006
Space mark with spell checker3 Oct 2006
WORK menu3 Oct 2006
access page set up3 Oct 2006
Double click for Paragraph dialog box3 Oct 2006
Changing the Default Unit of Measurement3 Oct 2006
Inserting Today's Date27 Sep 2006
Check The Text Style Used26 Sep 2006
Rearrange Paragraphs Using Keystrokes26 Sep 2006
Drawing a Line on a document26 Sep 2006
Quick Zooming in word with rollerball mouses20 Sep 2006
Showing different heading levels in the document Map18 Sep 2006
Moving Tabs where you want14 Sep 2006
Moving Table column lines where you want14 Sep 2006
Selective highlighting...14 Sep 2006
Quick way to convert text into tables12 Sep 2006

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